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Dozens of world-renowned scientists spoke at UH Cancer Center Weinman Symposium
Webster Cavanee , PhD
Students interact with Weinman Symposium speakers .

World-renowned scientists spoke at the 10th Annual

Weinman Symposium . The scientists covered some of the latest cancer research fndings , specifcally cancer syndromes . Cancer syndromes are genetic disorders in which inherited genetic mutations in one or more genes predispose individuals to the development of cancers . Top scientists from across the nation presented their research fndings , and looked at opportunities for research collaborations . High school students from Maryknoll School and other students from across the state also had a chance to have a question and answer session with the researchers .
Webster Cavanee , PhD , received the 10th Weinman Award for outstanding cancer research contribution . Cavanee discovered the existence of tumor suppressor genes in many human cancers . He and his team have also pioneered understanding the genetic basis for glioblastoma , developed therapies that target these lesions and uncovered several mechanisms of resistance to developing cancers .
The Weinman Symposium is supported by the generosity of the Weinman Foundation .
Cancer Care Coordination Research
Contributed by Izumi Okado , PhD

Cancer is a very complex disease , and coordination of care is especially important for cancer patients because many healthcare providers , settings , and interventions are involved in their care . In our research , Randall Holcombe , MD , MBA , UH Cancer Center director and principal investigator of the study and I are interested in learning patients ’ perceptions of care coordination in order to understand and improve cancer care .

Since February 2018 , we have conducted two research studies on care coordination . The frst study began with 68 cancer patients who provided feedback on a care coordination survey in focus group sessions . Next , in The Care Coordination Instrument pilot study , 200 cancer patients completed the revised survey .
Our research studies have received enthusiastic feedback from cancer patients and their caregivers . Support from our community partners has been invaluable in our research projects ( Hawai ‘ i Cancer Care , The Cancer Center of Hawai ‘ i ,
The Queen ’ s Medical Center , Hawai ‘ i Pacifc Health-Straub , Hawai ‘ i Oncology and Hope Lodge / American Cancer Society ).
We are currently planning our next study with patients and caregivers to further understand care coordination . If you are a cancer patient with a family / friend caregiver or are interested in more information about our care coordination research , contact us at : ( 808 ) 564-5978 or iokado @ cc . hawaii . edu .
Izumi Okado ( right ), co-investigator for The Care Coordination studies , and Louise Cavanaugh , study volunteer ( left ).